I want to be an escort - Part II

Friday, 04 September 2020

Lola worked for a famous and prestigious Barcelona escort agency . "Here you will feel protected, you will feel well treated and you will be able to get started in this erotic accompaniment thing. You have the wood for it. You are beautiful and, to the minimum that you like to fuck, you will quickly adapt to this of sexual appointments in exchange for money" , the manager of the premises told me, a woman who had already crossed the barrier of the fifties but who still retained the glamor and sensuality of past years. In those years, surely, she had been like me: a young woman who liked to fuck and who one day decided to become an escort ".

My first date as an escort was on a Friday night. My client, a fairly attractive commercial who had come to Barcelona for a fair. It was not until the next day that he left the city. All this he told me while we were breaking the ice in my agency's facilities.

I was surprised by the elegance of the room that the agency had given me to start as an escort (it was comfortable and intimate and seemed designed so that a man and a woman would forget everything and dedicate themselves exclusively to the pleasure of fucking).

I was feeling a little self-conscious, but seeing desire sizzle in her eyes made me gain confidence. As soon as I wanted to, I thought, that man who so admired me with his eyes would be eating in the palm of my hand. He still hadn't removed his pants when I kissed him long and ran a hand over his package. His hard cock was wanting to be inside me.

I thought it would be nice to put a pause. My client had hired an hour and it would not be good to make it fall apart in my hands at the first change. I asked him if he wanted to share a shower with me and he said yes. The two of us, naked, submerged ourselves under the stream of water and, little by little, we recognized our bodies. His cock was not the sometimes abusive size of Jorgito's but it wasn't bad at all. He seemed to like my nipples. His tongue did not stop, at least, to go through them while his hands clung to my buttocks. I liked that he knelt before me and buried his tongue between my legs. When he turned me around and I felt him lick my ass, I knew I was going to take the extra for the Greek. I was getting used to the idea that I was going to debut in the escort universe with a fucked in the ass.

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When we got out of the shower, and after having lathered our bodies well, we dried ourselves and went to bed. My mouth was traveling all over her body. My gentle nipples nipples almost made him lose control. He moaned with pleasure when I shoved his balls into my mouth and when my tongue traveled up and down his cock.

And are you new to this? she said between groans.

I took it, of course, as a compliment. "Do you want me to suck you until you come?" I asked. And he gave me the answer that I expected. "I do not answer; "You know where I want to come."

Jorgito had fucked me by the tail many times. That's why I knew exactly how I had to position myself and to what extent my ass needed to be lubricated to enjoy a good Greek. My client, on all fours, was sucking my buttonhole for a long time. Then, obediently, he took the tube of lubricant that I gave him and, with his little fingers, gently, behaving like a real gentleman, he lubricated my buttonhole.

Once my anus was properly lubricated, I felt my client's hands gripping my hips and I felt the tip of his cock work its way between my buttocks and, without haste but with determination, it entered me.

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I closed my eyes and thought of the times I had done this with Jorgito. I felt that piece of meat go in and out of my ass and I heard the almost animal growl of my client when he came inside him.

When she caught her breath she told me she liked it very much. Can I have another shower? He asked. I told him yes. There was time for his hour to end. We took a shower together again. It served me to wipe the sweat and to 'give' him one of my superb blowjobs. I love bending unicorns with my mouth and that first unicorn that had had the honor of being my first escort deserved that tribute from my mouth and lips.

When my client left, he kissed him goodbye. "When I return to Barcelona, I will return to this agency and ask for you. You are a charm," he told me.

I laughed. I laughed because I remembered that Lola had told me that clients usually make a lot of promises. "Some even," he said, "promise to retire if you become their girlfriend." And I also laughed because I knew that, with the money I had earned during that hour, I could buy that dress that I liked so much. I still have it. In fact, right now I'm walking with him. And the men turn to look at me. I smile at them and think: "Would you like to fuck with me , right? Well, pay. I can assure you that it will be money well spent."

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