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Friday, 18 September 2020

The ways of flirting have been changing over the centuries. Each age imposes its own form of courtship. Currently, dating and the way to do it is tied to something that characterizes our time: the expansion of the internet. Many people today use the Internet to try to link or, at least, to establish new friendships. For this they use various applications that were created for that purpose. Among all of them, there is one that stands out especially above the others: Tinder.

Tinder is an application for mobile devices used to find a partner . To participate in this social network to flirt, you only have to create a profile in which you must include the personal data that you want to share with others and a series of photographs. Based on that, thousands of Tinder users will be able to meet and contact you.

Tinder was released in August 2012 for iOS. Its rapid growth and the changes that have been introduced in its original format have made it a leading app in its segment. These days, you can't talk about internet flirting or online dating without quoting Tinder. For the youngest, Tinder is the dating app par excellence.

Much of the success of Tinder is due to its simple operation. Nothing better than something simple to use to get the favor of the users. These number in the thousands and thousands around the world. On the other hand, the good functioning of the application and its proven success allows the income derived from its use to be very important. Not surprisingly, there are many users who, seeing the success of this dating application, decide to take a step forward and access the content and payment features of Tinder. The creators of Tinder have been very clever in that regard. The intelligent granting of certain advantages to the users of the application in exchange for a certain cost has made many of those users not hesitate when it comes to going from free to payment for Tinder services.

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Create a profile on Tinder

To use Tinder you have to follow a series of steps. The first one, of course, is to download the application. In order to use Tinder you must have a mobile device that has an Internet connection and also has GPS.

Although Tinder was launched on the market for iOS, today it can be downloaded for both iOS and Android.

Once the application is downloaded, you can open Tinder without having to pay anything for it. Remember that Tinder is a free online dating application and that it will only cost you if you decide to access a series of extras. Tinder, in principle, only imposes one condition: that of linking the Tinder account to your Facebook account or, where appropriate, giving your phone number. There are many people who see this as an obstacle. There are many Tinder users who do not welcome that their Facebook friends know that they use the famous application to flirt. Fortunately, there is a way to hide the fact that you are a Tinder user from Facebook friends.

After taking an overview of the app, it's time to create a custom profile. For this, a series of data must be provided. Among these data we can highlight the name, age, an email and, at least, one photo. This basic profile can be extended with a description of up to 499 characters and with the indication of the profession.

If what is intended is to flirt (why if an application like Tinder is not going to be used?), We must bear in mind that our profile is like an advertising poster. With him, what we want is to sell ourselves. And to be sold it is essential to exploit and show our virtues to the maximum. That is why it is essential to choose, for example, a good main photo that is as striking as possible.

To make our profile more attractive and, therefore, to increase the chances of flirting, it is recommended to put between 3 and 6 current photos in the profile. Those photos must be ours and we must appear alone, since group photos are not usually valued especially well. It is also recommended to specify the age range that interests you in other people, as well as sexual orientation. For what? To facilitate the task of the Tinder algorithm by establishing the appropriate filters that allow it to choose the person who best suits your tastes. By doing this, you will save time searching for the person you want to flirt with.

Another tip that is usually given when creating a Tinder profile is not to lie. If you really want to flirt, why lie? Maybe by lying you will get a date, but ... how will the person you want to flirt with react if, when you get to the date, they discover that you are not how you said you are?

Once you've created your profile, you can start flirting on Tinder. The first thing you should do to do this is take a look at the profiles of the people who reside in your city or in its vicinity. While looking at these profiles you will be able to decide who attracts you and who does not, with whom you could, in principle, be interested in dating and with whom you would not be.

You must therefore select possible targets to flirt with and you must reject others. How? In a very simple way: by moving the profile in question to the right or to the left. By moving it to the right you are indicating that you like (Like). By doing it to the left, what you are indicating to the application is that the person in that profile does not like Dislike). What if you like it a lot, a lot, a lot? Tinder has also thought about this possibility and includes within itself the possibility of marking a Superlike. How? By sliding the selected profile upwards.

The dream of every Tinder user is for a Match to take place, that is, for two people to like each other. That is, that the person you like likes you too. It is on this coincidence that Tinder's scaffolding stands. Tinder makes sense of being because there is the Match. Once a Match has taken place, the two people who have caused it can speak through a private chat. If you have never used Tinder yet, you should keep in mind that you will not be able to talk to anyone who has not given you a Like.

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Paid tinder

Free Tinder ? ... Beyond free content, Tinder makes available to its users a series of paid content or Premium content. Within the Premium services of Tinder we can find three types: the Tinder Boost (cheap and basic), the Tinder Plus (intermediate) and the Tinder Gold, which is the most complete, exclusive and, therefore, expensive.

What do Tinder Premium services offer to its users? Not having Likes limits per day, for example. In the free version of Tinder, there is that limit. The Premium version also allows us to know who has given a Like to our profile without the need for us to like theirs, something that, without a doubt, is highly valued by Tinder users.

Details and services such as those indicated above have made many users of this dating application decide to opt for one of the paid versions of it. Thus, Tinder has become the most profitable of the dating apps. When choosing the paid version, the Tinder user can also choose whether to pay for the services monthly, semi-annually or annually.

Have you already decided to take the step? Do you want to use Tinder now? As you can see, it is simple. And you wouldn't be the first to flirt thanks to this dating app.

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It is more profitable to hire a GFE escort than to flirt with Tinder

Does it pay to flirt? ... here is our question. If what you want is to find a stable partner , apps like Tinder can be worth it. But if you want it, it is to have fun with a beautiful and uninhibited girl, with Tinder it can be eternal and in most cases time and money wasted. Let's be honest, to flirt with Tinder it is essential to first have a good plant (be very good), have a talent for seduction and a lot of patience. And still we don't guarantee that you will fuck. Then, in addition to paying for the application, many girls like you to invite her to dinner, have a drink and give her a gift. Between wasted time, girls who finally don't sleep with you and the money you spend on dates ... The fuck is more expensive than going directly to an escort. And we also have that the physicality of the girls on Tinder compared to the GirlsBCN girls have no color and that the level of fucking of an escort is unmatched. Also, if you want her to be your girlfriend, you can hire GFE (Girl Friend Experience) services. She will make you feel like you are dating and you can go with her to dinner, to the movies, to have a drink and of course to fuck whenever you want. You have to do the math and we know that it is much more profitable for most men to hire an escort than to try to fuck for free ... because that simply does not exist.

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