The Kamasutra: much more than a posture book

Friday, 25 September 2020

It is not as famous as the Bible but almost. Who else who less, we have all ever heard of the Kamasutra . But ... do we really know what this book is about, written by some kind of Hindu sage more than fifteen centuries ago?

For many, the Kamasutra is just a book of erotic postures. Thanks to him we can learn endless positions to fuck standing , sitting, lying down, with the woman on top, with the man in command ... The Kamasutra also includes one of the most popular sexual practices, 69, that in the that the two members of the couple give each other oral pleasure. In order not to get bored in bed and innovate every day, nothing better, without a doubt, than to use the Kamasutra to rehearse each of the 64 erotic positions contained in it.

Fucking positions

For the author of the Kamasutra, there are 8 basic postures to make love . How do you get, then, to those 64 positions that are collected in this famous sexual manual? Making variations on them. Each variation of each posture provides men and women with different sensations. Practicing them all implies enriching the sensual experience and becoming a better lover.

In the Kamasutra there are erotic positions recommended for all types of penises and vaginas. Whoever has a big cock must know which position to choose to get the best sensations from each fuck. Who does not have it so big, too. And the same thing happens with vaginas. Every pussy needs a certain type of cock to achieve the perfect intercourse. In his book, the author of the Kamasutra also advises on this by making a basic typology of three types of penises and three types of vaginas.

Reviewing the pages of erotic positions of the Kamasutra helps us to discover that we have practically not invented anything about the way of fucking. Since the world is the world, people seek to experiment with different forms of penetration, with different ways of enjoying sex. That is why there are the missionary and the wheelbarrow, the scissors, the crab and the puppy, forms of copulation that have been repeated throughout the centuries.

Some of the Kamasutra poses are simple to perform, others seem designed exclusively for acrobats and contortionists. Everyone must know how far their physical conditions reach. If we are not properly trained in the gym, it is better not to try to do according to what. Fucking is very pleasant, but contracting your lower back trying to copy one of the positions included in this Hindu sexual manual is not very fun.

Sexual positions

Erotic tips from the Kamasutra

But the Kamasutra is much more than an inventory of erotic postures . If we think that this book is just an inventory of ways to fuck it is because for a long time this book was banned in the West. When it was published, back in the late 60s of the last century, only the pages of the book dedicated to recommending those 64 erotic positions we were talking about were published. For this reason, many people think of the Kamasutra as a manual of erotic positions and not as a seduction manual or a self-help book, which is what it really is. In fact, the erotic positions collected by the author of the Kamasutra are not even drawn in the original version of the book. They are only explained. That is to say: the author limits himself to giving the necessary indications to carry them out. It is in the different versions of the Kamasutra that have been edited over the years where the positions have been appearing "illustrated", sometimes with drawings, sometimes with photographs.

In the original Kamasutra we find advice on choosing a wife, instructions on how to seduce a woman, recommendations to be a good wife, lessons on how to be unfaithful without raising suspicions in the partner, etc. The Kamasutra would thus become a kind of seduction manual and self-help book.

Undoubtedly, all these tips and all the recommendations collected in the Kamasutra are the result of a specific historical time and are written to be applied at that time. Putting some of the Kamasutra's advice into practice today would lead us to prison. For example: the author of the Kamasutra recommends intoxicating the girl in order, under its effects, to be able to "enjoy" her. This practice recommended by Vatsaiana (as the author of the Kamasutra is called) has a name today and that name is rape, something that, apart from being immoral and dirty, is legally punishable. Thus, if a Kamasutra falls into your hands and you read that passage in which it is recommended to drug your partner to abuse her, forget about putting that recommendation into practice.

Also, forget about following the advice on how to acquire greater sexual potency to the letter. In the days of Viagra, who is going to taste concoctions or potions made with insects? If you doubt the strength of your erections, seek medical advice or use some of the erotic toys that you can find in sex shops. A penis ring can be enough to solve specific problems without the need to ingest any of the potions recommended by the author of the Kamasutra. Although we are calm about it: surely when you read how these potions should be prepared and what ingredients should be used you lose all interest in them.

Erotic postures

Kamasutra news

And it is that when reading the Kamasutra you have to know how to select what is useful for us today and what is not. It helps us, for example, to view sex as a pleasant activity in itself and not as a reproductive activity. According to the Kamasutra view, she fucks for enjoyment, not to have children. In that sense, the Kamasutra is a very modern book. You have to think that, in the years in which it was written, here in the West there was a sinful vision of sexual pleasure. Fucking for pleasure was a sin. Pleasure, in fact, seemed to be sin. For the author of the Kamasutra, sex was only sinful if it was practiced frivolously. That is to say: if he fucked badly. That's why he compiled tips to determine what was and what was not "good fuck".

And to fuck well, according to the author of the Kamasutra, you had to pay special attention to erotic foreplay. This way of conceiving the sexual act is also very "modern". Any current sexuality manual today emphasizes the importance of caressing, kissing, licking, affectionate biting, oral sex in preparation for intercourse, etc. This, which may seem very current, was already collected as we see in a book, the Kamasutra, which conceived sex not so much as a specific act but as a way of life and a way of understanding it.

And as is evident, with the escorts advertised in cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Mallorca, Girona ... you can put into practice all the Kamasutra postures that you want, the prostitutes are experts in lovemaking arts and they know perfectly all the more exciting positions for having sex .

Positions to make love