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Wednesday, 09 September 2020

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Esperanto Street and Zone 9

That a place is enough and is over to name a leisure area at night shows the importance of that place. This is the case of Zona 9, a famous pub in Benidorm for being one of the first to be opened in the town when it took a step forward and decided to become a tourist powerhouse.

Next to him, in this nightlife area in Benidorm formed by Esperanto street and the streets that are around it, there are a series of pubs and cocktail bars where you can start the night of Benidorm in a way calm and relaxed. Some of those bars are Racha Rock, El Barrio, Tico Tico, Sambori and Black & White, all of them where you can enjoy the most varied music. If what the visitor prefers is to enjoy indie music, the best thing is to go to Ambigú, a place where this musical style reigns over the rest.

Flamenco lovers, for their part, will find a place tailored to their musical tastes in El Andaluz. Located on Esperanto street, this brewery offers its customers the possibility of enjoying an extensive tapas menu while enjoying their favorite musical genre.

Although in the past this area was very attractive for foreign tourists who came to Benidorm, the truth is that both Zone 9 and Esperanto Street are today areas of entertainment at night highly valued both by the Spanish who visit Benidorm and by their own inhabitants.

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N-332 - Avda de la Comunidad Valenciana - Road

This area of Benidorm, which is very geographically delimited (the N-332 is the national road that runs along the entire literal Mediterranean from the Costa Brava to the coast of Cádiz), is known as the Disco Zone.

In this area there are nightclubs such as Penelope, KM, KU, The Tropical House, Privilege X, Manssion ... In all these clubs you have to pay entrance but in all of them the entrance includes a drink.

Cabaret, festivals and the coolest of the cool

As you can see, there are many places where you can enjoy the Benidorm night . Among the wide range of nightlife venues in this wonderful town on the coast of the Valencian Community we would not want to forget some very special places.

The cabaret, that music-theater genre so full of life and that so many fans have, becomes the central spectacle of places such as the Benidorm Palace, a historic nightclub in Benidorm that offers its visitors the possibility of enjoying both a combination of dinner and show as just the show, as well as shows and concerts by top singers.

Along with Benidorm Palace, other places to enjoy an unforgettable cabaret session in Benidorm are the aforementioned Sinatra'sl, Vincent's Corner Pub and Café Benidorm, which pays homage to this ravishingly festive town with its name.

For their part, those who prefer to enjoy the coolest and most cosmopolitan atmosphere in Benidorm have an unmissable appointment on Calle Alameda. There, at number 20 of this street, is Alameda 20. There you can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere while savoring an excellent and delicious cocktail while enjoying the Benidorm night in a quiet way.

Finally, it should be noted that Benidorm stands out year after year as the venue for some of the best summer music festivals in Spain. We will only give three names here to highlight to what extent this is so. Those three names are the Low Festival (famous for the high participation in it by British bands), Benidorm Sound and the Reggaeton Beach Festival.

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