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Friday, 02 October 2020

The history of GirlsBCN would not be the same without the participation of Argentine escorts , especially in the cities of Barcelona and Madrid. Very important when the web began its journey, they have not ceased to be present in it (although their number has decreased in recent time) and they have not ceased to be among the most desired callgirls on the web.

Why are Argentine luxury prostitutes among the most desired? For many reasons. Some of them have to do with the general attractiveness of Argentine women. It does not matter if a woman is from Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Rosario or Tucumán. Be it from the corner that is from the Argentine Republic, a woman who was born in that country and raised there has an irresistible weapon of seduction: her accent.

The way the Argentine woman speaks is very, very sensual. And the Argentine luxury whores know it. That is why they caress with the voice. When you speak, it seems that your balls are brushing. Let them be pampered. That is why they use it to tune the men who are lucky enough to enjoy their favors. And it is that the accent that, according to men of Argentine nationality, can sound presumptuous and even a little smug, on the lips of a beautiful woman from Rio de la Plata sounds like pure provocation. The way of speaking of an Argentine woman is sweet, but never cloying. There seems to always be something ironic about her that becomes a mark of preparation and elegance.

Escort girls from Argentina are women who like to take care of their body and their appearance. And his body, how to deny it, is usually spectacular. Whether they are thin and fibrous or more rounded, the body of a woman of this nationality is always a temptation. They, proud of him, take care of him. And they do it with everything they have at their disposal and can serve for it. For example: with a good diet, good cosmetics and many hours in the gym.

Argentinian luxury prostitute

These callgirls from South America are passionate about the gym. Based on fitness, they sculpt and model what was already genetically privileged. The result? Bodies full of sensuality and eroticism that delight those men who want to live a unique and maddening experience with a beautiful compatriot woman of Evita and Messi, Valeria Mazza and Ricardo Darín.

And when the gym and diet do not give the desired results or, simply, when an Argentine woman wants to quickly improve what nature gave her, surgery is there to help her. Yes: always with elegance and looking for the effect achieved with the surgery to be very natural. For example: the chest of an Argentine prostitute, although operated, will usually be the icing on a splendid body, something that will serve to enhance her natural beauty. This combination turns many Buenos Aires women dedicated to erotic accompaniment into explosive and irresistible women.

Surveys have been made on where the main physical charm of Argentine women resides. For a high percentage of the men who answered this survey, the ass is one of the main charms of the females of this nationality. The butt of an Argentine whore is pure gold. Feeling the buttocks of a companion lady born south of the Río de la Plata is an experience suitable only for sex lovers. Its roundness and smoothness, as well as its inviting sway when walking, undoubtedly invite anal sex.

Another of the most valued aspects of the escorts of this nationality is their involvement in each and every one of their appointments. Argentine women are liberated women who go where they want, who want what they want and who don't beat around the bush when it comes to expressing it and asking for it. That, in bed, becomes pure and constant initiative. If you sleep with an Argentinian whore, don't worry about how everything will go: she will guide you and lead you to a glorious burst of pleasure. You only have to do one thing: enjoy its many charms and dive into the ocean of lust that it will have created for you.

Argentinian whores

Experience with an Argentinian luxury prostitute

Anselmo L., a regular client of many escort agencies and of many web pages dedicated to erotic accompaniment, is one of those men who have a special predilection for callgirls of this nationality.

"I will always remember the first time I met a whore of Argentine origin," he says. "Smarter than hunger and pretty and sexy like a model. That's what Malena was like. I was very young then, I was starting out in this bitch business, and honestly, I wrinkled a little (and in every way) when I was in front of her. Her boobs weren't big, but her nipples looked like the antlers of a Mihura. I was unable to take my gaze away from them. 'Do you want to eat my tits?' she said. God! I had that accent! More than once I had jerked off watching Cecilia Roth movies. I liked her blonde hair, her slightly rogue voice and, above all, her accent. But Malena was not on the TV screen, but in front of me, in flesh and blood, and with a body that took away the hiccups ".

"When I realized, her nipples were already between my lips. From her hands, what am I going to say? They quickly realized how horny I was. When they took my cock, I thought I was just going to come. She also noticed my sudden warmth. And she stopped. I will always thank her for that. 'We will go slowly, boludín; I want you to last me; I don't always get yogurt like this and I have to take advantage of the opportunity. "

"And boy did he take advantage of it. He turned me backwards and forwards. He turned me around like a sock. Malena knew how to take me right to the limit of orgasm without letting me go through it. My cock throbbed wanting to come a fucking time, but She would squeeze me at the base of the glans when I was about to come and she would stretch me by the balls and thus the cumming was postponed. "

"While I was warming up and controlling my ejaculation, that Argentine bitch kept whispering sows in my ear. Listening to those dirty things and hearing them in that Buenos Aires accent made me a lost boar and with a cock harder than a marble dildo".

"Malena quickly realized one thing: satiated by her nipples, all my attention was focused on her butt. What an ass she had, the bitch! And how she moved it! In fact, it had been when she saw her tail in the photos of her ad and seeing her nationality when I decided to meet her. Also: as I read in her ad, Greek was among her star services. How could I miss the opportunity to enjoy a prostitute from Buenos Aires like that? "

"When she offered me her stern, I couldn't help myself. I grabbed her hips and fucked her with a blow to the kidneys. There I really lost control. Her ass took my cock as if it had been waiting for her all her life and she, surrendered, "He let go. Come on, as soon as I got into his ass I came like a teenager. I couldn't help it. When I pulled my cock out of his ass, a drop of cum dripped from his anus."

"Without a doubt, remembering Malena is remembering one of the best fucks of my life. And it is that ... I can assure you: what an Argentine is not capable of doing in bed, nobody does."

Have you tried it? Have you tried, like Anselmo L., to date an Argentine escort? If you haven't, do it. Sure you will not regret.

Experience with Argentine escort in Barcelona