Lolita escorts, those young girls who drive us crazy

Friday, 09 October 2020

If we turn to the dictionary we will see that a 'lolita' is a girl or adolescent who has not reached the age of sexual consent and who is very sexually attractive to older men. Or rather: for many older men. These men, in their vast majority, know how to distinguish what can be desired (desire is free) from what can be done (the law determines the limits). These men, faced with the legal and moral impossibility of maintaining relationships with what, strictly speaking, is a nymphet, choose to use that repressed desire to warm up their imagination and to set it off while maintaining relationships with women who are legally qualified. to give their sexual consent but that usually have little to do with those morbid young women whom they want intimately and quietly.

All too often, these men forget that they have a simple resource to satisfy their desires: to hire the erotic services of a lolita escort, a luxury teen prostitute who fits perfectly into that prototype of a woman that they want above all else.

These types of escorts that we are talking about are young women who are absolutely legally capable of giving their sexual consent (it would be necessary more!), But there is something that characterizes them and distinguishes them from the rest of their professional colleagues: a luxury teen whore still has something As a teenager in his physique, a little boyish. In the way of looking at a lolita callgirl there is a trace of innocence that refuses to leave. That trace of apparent innocence can also be found in the way he smiles. The smile of a lolita is halfway between shyness and provocative. In a way, it seems as if that young woman implies with her smile that she knows (or at least senses) that she is very desirable and that you, precisely, are wanting her madly. And that makes her feel, in a way, happy.

Those features of apparent shyness placed on the body of a woman who seems to be in full development are very morbid for many men. In a way, what these men see when they see a lolita smile is a young woman who, being a virgin, seems to be willing to stop being a virgin. And who seems to want it very much. In fact, that attractive and kinky young lady seems willing to do anything to get it. That would explain, to a large extent, why many men want to sleep with young company ladies.

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Men have always highly valued the fact of 'brand new' a woman . Finish off a Virgo, break a hymen, be the first of all the men in the world to penetrate that appetizing pussy: men have always attached great importance to all of this. That is why so much value has surely been given throughout history, at least in patriarchal societies, to female virginity.

When a man seeks to sleep with a lolita, he seeks, in a way, to believe that he is the first to fuck her. That it is he who puts the first stamp on the visa of the sexual life of that young woman who looks like a teenager. That he is the one who is discovering to that nymphet hungry for sexual knowledge how much she can enjoy in bed and how good a woman can feel when they put a good cock in her. That is the dream of many men: to brand new a woman. And sleeping with a newly arrived teen escort can make the feeling of having fulfilled that dream more real.

A young luxury prostitute can give a feeling of inexperience. And that for many clients is also very important. There are men who like to feel like the dominant part of a sexual relationship. There are others who are timid in nature, insecure men for whom a thirty-year-old escort (let alone a MILF) may seem too 'lioness', 'too woman'.

These men with an insecure sexual nature feel confident and secure in having a kind of flesh and blood doll in their arms. Although some of these men, at the time of the appointment with a young lady of company, are surprised, because there are teen callgirls who, involved in work, are real sex panthers, hungry lovers who, metaphorically speaking, do not stop customer or bones.

Other men, rather than looking for a girl inexperienced in fornication things, what they are looking for when hiring a young escort is to sleep with someone who, in some way, reminds them of their first love. How many men did not fall in love in adolescence and had to resign themselves to seeing how the girl of their dreams said no? Fucking a lolita escort who physically remembers that platonic love of adolescence can be a good and very pleasant way to take revenge on the past.

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An experience with a professional sex lolita

That's what Christian, a whore in his early forties, did when he saw the ad for Amanda, a young teen escort , on our GirlsBCN website. We will not say if it was in Barcelona or Madrid because this could have happened in any city.

"When I saw the ad", says Christian, "I couldn't stop thinking about Nuria. The same pacifier lips, the same look, a squint point, the same doll's body. How many handjobs had I done thinking about Nuria when I was 16 years old? "A hundred and the mother, without a doubt. How horny my classmate made me! And she knew it, for sure. More than once she must have surprised me looking at her spellbound."

"But Nuria didn't want anything with me. In those years, she went out with a guy from the same institute that we went to, a giant who went two years ahead of us and who always carried her on a Vespa. I didn't even take her She gave her a kiss. In those teenage years I had to settle for fucking her like a monkey thinking about how it should be to fuck her. Well: really (why fool us?) I was thinking about how it should be to fuck in general " .

"I'm not going to tell you about my teenage miseries. The fact is that when I saw Amanda's photo in the lolitas section of that online directory of luxury prostitutes, I remembered that time again and I felt horny as a teenager again. But I already I was not a teenager. To begin with, I had stopped being a virgin for a long time. I mean, I had known for years what this was about fucking. And I also knew that just a handful of euros separated me from the opportunity to fuck with a teen callgirl that looked something like an image of Nuria frozen in time. "

"I called Amanda, of course. And I made a date with her. In the advertisement I saw that she was going home and I took advantage of one of my weekends as a divorced father to meet her at my house. I clearly told her what I wanted: her to behave like a high school classmate who came home to do a job and with whom, after finishing her homework, she ended up fucking on the couch ".

"I will not go into too much detail about how the date unfolded. The fact is that when I had her in front of me I directly gave up the role-playing game and suggested that we go to bed. That was how she made me feel like a boar. Amanda was 19 years old but she looked calmly three less. It was pure morbid. Her tight little ass drove me crazy, her tits crowned by two little nipples as rosy as they were sensitive, her gluttonous mouth, which, when the time came, licked and licked my cock with the application of a good student. "

"The time spent with her was pure delight. Despite her age, Amanda was an expert fucker. She knew everything she had to know to drive a man to delirium. And even he took me. When I came, while I felt like My balls were emptied whole, I couldn't stop screaming a name: Nuria's, my old classmate, my platonic love, the woman who had finally symbolically fucked me thanks to the mediation of Amanda's body, the best Lolita escort a man can dream of ".

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