An escort's experience with the strap-on

Friday, 23 October 2020

I had been told about such men, but I had never come across one. When he called me on the phone, asked me on a date and told me exactly what he expected of me as an escort, I was a bit stuck. I didn't quite know if I wanted to play that game or not. The strap-on was not detailed among my services but he said that he really wanted to try it with me. That it reminded him of a teacher he had had when he was a child and that it turned him on a lot.

If I became a company girl it was because I have always been (or so I consider myself at least) an open-minded woman. And a sex fanatic, of course. I love to fuck and ... what better way to earn a living than doing what you love the most? If I've never tried putting on a harness to fuck a guy in the ass, why not try it? If I did not like the experience, with not repeating it, it was over.

Neither in my beginnings as an escort did I travel to clients' homes and now I do. What was fear at first has now turned into mild restlessness and unhealthy feminine curiosity. Andrés, because that is the name of the client of this experience that I am recounting, asked me if I could go to his apartment. I said yes without thinking too much.

Andrés's apartment was in a central location in the city. Sometimes I am reluctant to move to which neighborhoods but how can I say no when what they ask you to do is go to a flat located on a street where the square meter costs several thousand euros? Whether it was his flat or if he was renting it, what could be deduced is that Andrés was well placed. Not everyone lives on a street like that. In short: I said yes.

We meet on a Friday afternoon, once his working day is over. He received me very chivalrous. He was seen as an educated man and, at the same time, used to command. He offered me a glass of cava to break the ice. He asked me when I had arrived from Venezuela, if I had a partner, if I lived with other girls in my flat ... He told me about him that he ran a law firm, that he had a son, that he had been divorced for two years, that he had no partner ...

When we finished the glass of cava he invited me to the shower. We share it, of course. His caresses weren't bad at all but his cock didn't seem to show any signs of life. I stroked his balls and massaged his penis, which caught a little consistency between my fingers, though it didn't get hard, really hard until I put it in my mouth.

Girl with Strap On

Oral sex has always fascinated me. Sometimes when I have a big cock in my mouth , I forget about the watch. Many clients value that very much: that the time of my company that they have hired matters little when I am having a great time. And for me, I have already said it, few things are more pleasant than having a good blowjob. Thus, when that Friday I had Andrés's cock inside my mouth, I experienced what I had experienced many times before. It seemed as if some kind of devil had got hold of me and kept whispering in my ear: "empty the eggs, get all the milk out of them, let them dry."

But it could not be. Andrés, delicately, brought his hand to my jaw and said: "Leave it, please, you know why I wanted you to come." In short: I had to stop licking that delicious meat lollipop. A shame

We got out of the shower, dried off and, naked, went to the bedroom. Andrés opened the closet and took out a briefcase. Inside the briefcase were a harness, a pair of dildos, and a bottle of anal lube. I considered the possibility of giving him a good black kiss before assfucking him to relax his sphincter and leave him ready for when I put one of those dildos, but the black kiss, for now, is not among my services, and although Andrés seemed a clean man My taboos are my taboos, and at the moment ass licking is not something that attracts me too much. Each one has its own things and you have to respect them, right?

Andres don't think he expected it either. The fact is that he got down on all fours and told me: "I'm your dog, fuck me, teacher." I had never worn a harness, but it was easy to do. Once put on, I put the dildo on it, opened the bottle of anal lubricant and began, gently, to lubricate Andrés's stern. As I caressed her anus with my fingers, I felt it shudder and, at the same time, relax. My middle finger dug into it and began to draw little circles inside it. My finger felt how that buttonhole offered less and less resistance. It seemed to be asking for something thicker to be inserted already. Andrés let me know with a voice that already had a lot of groaning and supplication:

Put it on me now, teacher. Fuck me well fucked my ass.

Girl fucking man

And that's what I did. I brought the tip of the dildo to her anus and, with a gentle push from my hips, I was putting the dildo inside her ass, which seemed to accept it delightedly. Later, and for the first time in my life, I felt a bit of a man. I was slowly increasing the rhythm of my hip movements while I felt how that harness was designed so that, at the same time that the girl buggered the boy, she was stimulated by the surroundings of her clitoris.

The assfucking Andres was making me very horny and my thrusts were getting stronger every time. That is why my client moaned more and more. But that posture on all fours was causing me to miss something that I really like to contemplate: the pleasure faces of my clients when they approach orgasm. Some twist their lip, others bite it, some roll their eyes ... what should Andrés do?

I pulled the dildo out of her ass and ordered her to turn around and lie on her back. Obediently, he did it as I requested. He spread and raised his legs and offered me his dilated anus so that I could continue fucking him. I did it. And I did it almost in anger. Somehow, I'd gotten addicted by drilling his ass. Now, in addition, he could contemplate his face and could easily access his tail. I took it from her and started to jerk it off as it went in and out of her ass. The reserve of semen that Andrés had in his balls was certainly important, since the run was one of fireworks and ovation. His entire chest and belly were plastered with spurts of cum.

I suggested that she go back to the shower to clean herself. By the way, I also took the sweat away. Being a man had beaded my body with droplets of sweat "Your time is going to pass," he told me. "Don't worry. I don't have any appointments afterwards," I stated. And it was true. That Friday I had not even met with my friends. The shower was quick and not sexual at all. Andres had been completely satisfied and, besides, he was due to leave soon for a dinner. I was certainly horny as a bitch, but I couldn't rape my client. He had called me for what he had called me for. And period. I should settle for masturbating when I got home or pray that some other customer would call me and, thus, be able to vent while, incidentally, I earned a few euros. Occupational hazards.

Since that day, the strap-on has been among my services and there are several clients (including Andrés) who call me from time to time to get their ass fucked. In fact, I bought myself a very special briefcase and harness. Thanks to him, I am also very stimulated while I anally penetrate my client and, on occasions, I even come to cum. What more can you ask for?

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