The first duplex of two cousins escorts

Friday, 30 October 2020

The idea was Bella's. We had arrived together from Brazil and we had been working as escorts for more than six months. The first two months of our stay in the city we worked for an agency. After that time, we decided to become independent. We did not do it because we had a complaint from the agency, far from it. It was well located, it was very prestigious in the city and they were always very kind to us. We simply wanted to own our agenda and, if possible, earn a little more.

We rented a central apartment that was already furnished, we invested some money in making two fabulous photographic books and we advertised ourselves in an online directory that some countrywomen who had arrived here before us had spoken very well to us.

The photographer who took the photos complimented us by saying that the photos hardly needed any retouching since we were both there, and he said, "better than cheese." And he also told us that, being different, we were somewhat similar. "It will be because we are cousins," Bella told him, and we both laughed as we imagined what her mother and mine should think, the two beloved sisters who had stayed in Brazil believing that their young daughters had gone to work to Spain in a fashion multinational.

Have you thought about making duplexes?

The photographer's question stopped us a bit. I have always considered myself a liberal woman , but I had never considered sharing a man in bed with another woman. I like penises too much to go through the drink to see how another, next to me, enjoys the beauty with what I would like so much to have in my mouth.

Well, the truth is that no, I said. But, you know, I like cocks so much that I have a hard time sharing them with anyone. I like to fuck. A lot. But I don't like one bit to see how the others fuck.

I told him this, fixing him with the most provocative of my glances. For less than that he had seen how many men's dicks get hard and ask for war. If the same thing happened to the photographer, perhaps he would forgive me the cost of the book after doing a fine job of mine. That bareback fellatio to the end puts them all and me, worth the immodesty, the board.

Fuck two girls

But the photographer (we had already been warned, but what the hell, we had to try) was a true professional and an ice floe. Surely he thought that a blowjob would not help him pay the bills for the rent of the studio or the mortgage on his house, so he limited himself to laughing lightly and riveting: "Well, I would think about the duplex. There are many men to Those who like to have two women in bed at the same time. Besides, you look so much alike that you could even pass for sisters. That makes uncles very kinky. Threesomes of this type pay very well, and the work doesn't is like to throw it away ".

Bella and I went home and thought about what the photographer had told us a few times. "Why not a threesome?" Bella would say. And I would tell him: "because if I see you eat a cock in front of me while I have to settle for watching you eat it, I'm going to hate you to death and I'm going to pull your hair out." "But if later it will be you who will eat that cock and I who have to settle for looking ...". And we burst out laughing like crazy. There was a bit of nervousness in our laughter because we both knew that we would end up doing it in the end.

So it was. When we commissioned the preparation of our advertisement we asked that the duplex one be included in our services and this was done by the web managers. They linked our ads and we bundled ourselves up for duplex service like hot and vicious Brazilian sisters.

It didn't take long to get the first call requesting a duplex appointment. On the day of the appointment, we are not going to fool ourselves, we were a little nervous. I had seen my cousin naked more than a hundred times and she had seen me naked as many times. In fact, I like to ride a chopped ball around the house. But we had never seen each other fuck each other. And that day we would not only see each other fuck ... that day we would fuck together.

We dressed in a similar way to empower the imagination of our client who was going to embed two sisters and we waited for the bell to ring. When she did and we opened the door, a kind of wardrobe appeared behind her. If the uncle was not six feet tall, he was close. He looked like a rugby player. If the cock was in line with the body, this guy must be a brown beast.

Fuck with two sisters

And it was. I am used to seeing cocks of all shapes and sizes. Our first duplex client's was in the top ten of those I had seen and tasted. On the one hand, it was going to cost me to share it. On the other hand, maybe it was even good for me to do it if I didn't want to have my cunt completely sore and useless as a work tool for a couple of days. This second thought prevailed. I gave Bella the honor of sucking that cock first. He did it thoroughly. I think. And I didn't look much at how Bella was given the fellatio. I was concentrating, first, on eating Aníbal's snouts (that's what he said that brown beast was called) and, later, on putting her pussy at the level of his mouth so that he could eat it at will.

The temperature, needless to say, was climbing at accelerated gears. Aníbal's big cock came out of my cousin's pussy as soon as it entered my mouth. I stopped feeling jealous instantly. Bella and I made a perfect team and Aníbal almost howled with pleasure. As soon as word got out about how well we worked out between the two of us, we were going to be the best duplex escorts in the city.

So much was the passion that was being lived in that meeting that at one point, and almost without realizing it, Bella and I were eating each other's noses while our hands ran over our bodies in a frenzy. We looked like two crazed lesbians.

That was the straw that broke the camel's back of Hannibal's desire. Seeing two sisters with their tongues locked in an endless snogging and desperately sucking each other put it to a thousand. So much so that he pulled his member out of Bella's body and, pointing towards our faces, let go of everything that had accumulated in his inflamed balls. "But what bitches you are, little sisters," he said. "Surely we will meet again."

That was like music to our ears. That customer who, in addition, was very generous with his tip, would repeat. And it would give good references of us. We offered him a shower but he declined. The brown beast dressed as it had stripped, almost clawing, and was gone. I had to pick up I don't know which car from I don't know which workshop before they closed.

We did go to the shower. Our hair and faces were stained with rich cum and, furthermore, we were still horny as two cute girls. At least I hadn't come during that ravishing date. And in Bella's look of despair you could read that she didn't either. Perhaps the time had come to check if our services also included the lesbian. After all, who told me that, once tasted, I didn't like rabbits as much as cocks?

Duplex with two escorts