Erogenous zones

The erogenous zones of men and women

This article is dedicated to sex lovers and especially with escorts. You are going to learn about the erogenous zones, both for men and women so that you can make love better.

Party in Valencia

Going out to party at night in Valencia

We are going to explain the most emblematic places of the Valencian night. But we recommend that for the end of the party, you hire a luxury escort or prostitute that we have in Valencia.

Latin escorts in Barcelona

Latin escorts ... hot and horny

The Latin escorts that we have published in Barcelona and Madrid have nothing to do with the typical fakes of cheap whores that circulate on the network. They are hot, horny and delicious.

Whores in Andorra

More information about hiring escorts in Andorra

In our previous article we explained to you that hostess clubs, whores and escorts are prohibited in Andorra. Now we are going to give you other leisure options in this small country.

Busty escorts

Busty escorts, addiction to huge tits ...

Who doesn't feel like fucking a busty bitch? It is true that with silicone, big tits have lost value, that is why busty escorts with huge breasts are highly valued.

Andorra Escorts

Escorts, luxury prostitutes and masseurs in Andorra

Prostitution is prohibited in Andorra, so there are no hostess clubs or whorehouses. Of course, if you want to hire an escort you can move to the country and be your sugargirl.

Erotic toys

Cybersex and sex toys

Now that the confinement for the Covid is over, many men have learned that there is a new experience with escorts, cybersex and erotic toys. A service that is here to stay.

Directory of escorts in Spain

Search and contact escorts in Spain

Our website is one of the most important escort directories in Spain. Although our specialty is Barcelona and Madrid, we also have whores in Girona, Valencia, Marbella, Mallorca, Ibiza ...


Sexting: Distance sex with escorts

Thanks to Covid, a new service has been offered by Escorts, Sexting or Cybersex. The user contacts the escorts through a video call and they have remote sex.


Hire the services of an escort

Nowadays, it is no longer so popular to hire services from street prostitution or gloomy whorehouses. Now is the time for luxury escorts, a much friendlier service.

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