Dating apps

Alternatives to flirt today: paid apps and websites

Today we have two ways to find a partner: a paid website or applications to flirt. Let's see what contacts and apps are and how they work.


InfoBDSM: the best BDSM website

InfoBDSM: website about Bondage, Domination and Sadomasochism. Information on FemDom practices, sadomaso, erotic bondage and fetishism. Dominatrix and sado clubs guide.

Prostitution Japan

Prostitution in Japan: legislation and characteristics

Know the laws on prostitution in Japan and what are the characteristics of it. Discover what is a soapland, a pink-salon, an imekura or the Enjo Kosai.


Cumlouder: web porn with free porn videos

Cumlouder, a page that offers free porn videos starring famous and amateur pornstars and web porn sessions for cybersex and erotic video chat.

Prostitution UK

Prostitution law in the UK

The regulation of prostitution in the UK is based on the prohibitionist model. Learn about prostitution laws in the UK and the penalties for clients and pimps.

PutaLocura: the most visited porn website with Spanish fucking

PutaLocura is one of the best porn sites in Spain. His videos show Spanish amateurs, blowjobs, bukkake and girls caught or sex scenes for money.

Red Light District Amsterdam

Red Light District Amsterdam: whores in shop windows and sexshops

Red Light District Amsterdam is a district famous for its shop windows with prostitutes and sex shops. Get to know the Red Light District, its brothels and its whore booths.


SexomercadoBCN: the most famous whore forum in Barcelona

SexMercadoBCN is the most famous whore forum in the Catalan capital. Opinions about escorts, prostitutes and erotic masseurs in Barcelona, Madrid, Girona, Lleida ..

Prostitution Holland

Prostitution legislation in the Netherlands

Dutch law on prostitution legalizes it but imposes severe conditions for its practice. Know the laws on the provision of sexual services in the Netherlands.


Spalumi: the oldest whore forum in Spain

Spalumi: the oldest whore forum in Spain. Opinions about escorts and prostitutes in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Malaga, Zaragoza, Bilbao ...

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