Prostitution Holland

Prostitution legislation in the Netherlands

Dutch law on prostitution legalizes it but imposes severe conditions for its practice. Know the laws on the provision of sexual services in the Netherlands.


Spalumi: the oldest whore forum in Spain

Spalumi: the oldest whore forum in Spain. Opinions about escorts and prostitutes in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Malaga, Zaragoza, Bilbao ...

Prostitution in Portugal

Legislation on prostitution in Portugal

The legislation on prostitution in Portugal has been changing over the centuries. Learn about the main laws on paid sex in the neighboring country.


Club BDSM DomRoom: Dungeon for rent in Valencia and Bilbao

DomRoom is a BDSM club that rents dungeons in Valencia and Bilbao. It also organizes events and trips for fans of kinky sex, Bondage and Sado.

Prostitution in Italy

Legislation on prostitution in Italy

Italian law on prostitution allows but limits the exercise of it. Know the Italian laws on the provision of sexual services.

Prostitution in the United States

Prostitution law in the United States

Today we are going to talk about the legislation on prostitution in the United States and how it affected one of the most important contact websites,, which was closed. is a very popular erotic contact website in cities like Barcelona, Madrid or Bilbao. The price range is basically focused on cheap whores.


How many different ways are there to say prostitute?

Today we have gotten used to the term escort to describe a prostitute, generally luxury. A polite word to avoid using the foul whore, among many others.


Today we present the portal of erotic advertisements Substitutes. At first was born to publish ads for whores in Valencia but it has grown a lot.

Escorts by whatsapp

Contact escorts by WhatsApp

Nowadays thanks to WhatsApp it is much easier to contact an escort, especially in Barcelona or Madrid where they lead a busy life and cannot always answer calls

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