Luxury whores in Mallorca

Enjoy the night in Mallorca

We continue with the nightlife of Mallorca, a city where trendy locals and a few luxury whores residing on the island await you. Most independent escorts to enjoy to the fullest.

Sexshop Online

Erotic games and toys in sexual foreplay

When we hire a sex worker, we want to prolong the excitement to the maximum. And there come the erotic games and toys with which the escorts move to perfection.

Mallorca escorts

Nightlife in Mallorca

On our escort page, Mallorca is one of the favorite destinations for our users. But in addition to our luxury whores, you can find a very lively nightlife.

Sexual preliminaries with a woman

Basic rules of sexual preliminaries

The moment you have been waiting for has arrived, you are with the girl you want alone in a room ... Do not rush and fuck her quickly, enjoy the moment and start with the sexual preliminaries.

Pacha Ibiza

The best clubs in Ibiza

We finish the Ibiza nightlife article series with a review of its famous nightclubs. There you will find music, drugs and beautiful women. But if these places stress you out, you better contact one of our girls ...

Sexual preliminaries

The sexual preliminaries

To have a good sexual relationship it is very important to have some preliminaries. In an encounter with an escort is not an exception and although the escort girl is a professional, you have to play a little.

Escorts in Ibiza

Escorts in Ibiza

Everyone knows that with the arrival of summer, Ibiza is filled with escorts looking for a beach, party and clients with whom to fuck. We continue describing the best leisure areas on the island.

Sex poses for big cocks

Positions for large penises

If you have a very big cock you can consider yourself lucky although if the size exceeds too much you can have problems. We present you Kamasutra sexual positions for big cocks.

Sex in Ibiza

Ibiza night: music, sex and fun

In summer, many escorts located in Barcelona or Madrid go to Ibiza to offer their luxury prostitution services. It is the ideal time and place to party and fuck with pretty girls.

Sexual poses small penis

Erotic poses for small penises

Many men are self-conscious about the small size of their penis, but this does not have to be an impediment to enjoyment. We explain a few sexual positions for these cases.

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