Edurne naked and fucking: the hottest photos of the singer

Edurne naked and fucking. The sexiest and hottest photos and videos of the famous Madrid singer and presenter, partner of the goalkeeper of the national team David De Gea.

Tantric massage

Tantric massage: what it is and what it is for and steps for it

Tantric massage. Discover what it is, what it is for, how it differs from the erotic and how this stimulating practice of Tantra is applied step by step.

sex swings

Sex swing: types and erotic positions to use it

Ceiling and door sex swing and sex positions to use it. The best positions to enjoy this erotic toy: cunnilingus, fellatio...

rampant bunny

Rampant rabbit: rabbit vibrator to stimulate the clitoris

Rampant bunny. Learn about the functions of a rabbit vibrator and how to perform triple stimulation of the clitoris, vagina and G-spot with a rabbit dildo.

50 shades of gray

50 shades of Grey: the book that made BDSM fashionable

50 shades of gray. Comments on the erotic book that made BDSM, Bondage, domination/submission and sadomaso practices fashionable all over the world.

Prostitution in India

Prostitution in India: brothels, red quarters and devadasis

Laws on prostitution in India. Overview of the brothels and red light districts of Kolkata, Mumbai and New Delhi. Devadasi or holy prostitutes.

Third locative

Abolition of prostitution: future of dating sites

Analysis of the effect on contact pages and dating websites of the measures to abolish prostitution defended by the PSOE and the Spanish Government.

Luxury cars and women

Luxury cars and women: a pairing full of eroticism

Car erotica: analysis and comments on the pairing of luxury cars and women and how high-end cars attract girls.

Dating apps

Alternatives to flirt today: paid apps and websites

Today we have two ways to find a partner: a paid website or applications to flirt. Let's see what contacts and apps are and how they work.


InfoBDSM: the best BDSM website

InfoBDSM: website about Bondage, Domination and Sadomasochism. Information on FemDom practices, sadomaso, erotic bondage and fetishism. Dominatrix and sado clubs guide.

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